Services and Rates

Manuscript Preparation and Copyediting

  1. Back-of-the-Book Indexing

    Detailed back-of-the-book index according to author and publisher specifications.

    (Base rate: $2.00-$5.00 per page)

  2. Proofreading

    Final-round editing for spelling, typos, punctuation and spacing errors, and stylistic continuity in notes and bibliography.

    (Base rate: $25-35 per hour)

  3. Copyediting and Manuscript-Preparation

    Thorough review and editing of style, accuracy, and formatting according to press house style. Correction of grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and syntax. Standardization of notes, bibliographies, and reference lists.

    (Base rate: $30-50 per hour)

  4. Line/Content Editing

 Substantial edits and revisions. Attention to syntax, flow, idioms and readability. Non-native  English editing.

 (Base rate: $35-55 per hour)

Library and Research Services

  1. Research and Fact-Checking

    Assistance in finding information and other resources for your project–including creation of annotated bibliographies and research guides–as well as verification of facts, figures, spellings and locations..

    (Base rate: $25-$50 per hour)

  2. Archival Research and Consultancy

Need photographs or photocopies of a document in the archives? I can provide archival research services for any archive in the New York City-area, including Philadelphia. I am also happy to consult on personal archival organization and disposition.

(Rates determined on a project-by-project basis)

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